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2014-2015 Facts about Meningioma Survival


  • Meningiomas have the highest number of estimated new cases of all primary brain tumors in the US, with 24,980 cases in 2014 and 25,190 in 2015. I think California has 6 or 7,000 per yr and Arizona has about 900 per yr.
  • Meningiomas are the most frequently reported tumors in the  US, accounting for 36.1% of brain tumors overall (Figure 8a).
  • Non-malignant meningiomas with behavior codes /0 (benign) or /1 (uncertain) account for 98.5% of meningiomas reported to CBTRUS (Table 9).
  • Meningiomas are most common in older adults and least common in children (Table 10).
  • Incidence of meningiomas increases with age, with a dramatic increase after age 65. Even among the population aged 85 years and older, these rates continue to be high (Table 10).
  • Non-malignant meningiomas are 2.3 times more common in females as compared to males (Figure 12).
  • Incidence of meningioma is significantly higher in blacks than in whites (Figure 13).
  • Ten-year relative survival for malignant meningioma is 57.2% (Table 22).
  • Age had a large effect on relative survival after diagnosis with malignant meningioma: 10-year survival was 84.4% for ages 24–44, and 33.5% for 75+ (Table 23).
  • Incidence of meningioma varies significantly among regions of the United States (Figure 21). The highest incidence is found in the Middle Atlantic, while the lowest is in the West North Central region (I think California has 6 or 7,000 per yr and Arizona has about 950 per yr).
  • NY and NJ have the most m cases on the east coast. There is a CBTRUS Table for each state

  •  My notes AMB 
  • They have not yet published any actual 3, 5 or 10 year survival rates for low grade meningioma.  It was about 67% survival at 5 yr which is worse than the survival rate for breast cancer.  And a meningioma diagnosis is linked to an increased risk for breast cancer. 

CBTRUS Statistical Report: Primary Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors Diagnosed in the United States in 2007–2011

From Table 18.
Estimated Number of Casesa,b of Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors Overall and by Behavior by Major Histology Groupings and Histology, 2014, 2015  
  GBYAY Anne McGinnis Breen
1st bt surgery 1986, recurrence 1992, 2nd bt surgery2001,
NCI 1992 SWOG 9005 Phase 3 clinical trial FDA approved safe for longterm use
Mifeprex for meningioma 1996 to 1999 and again Feb 2005 to present day
Squamous cell carcinoma, half of upper left lung removed, Sept 2014
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