Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Update for 03/12/2017

To my loyal blog readers and followers,

THANK YOU ! I just noticed some of my published  blog posts here are still being passed on and viewed by readers around the world while I have been away from my computer especially in the USA.  There were about 500 individual post views last month and 53,771 post views in this blog history since 2009, including over 5,000 post views of my list of 28 questions to ask your medical team about primary brain tumor treatments and clinical trial options..

I have not been writing new posts for my blog since I had to quit smoking after the squamous cell carcinoma lung cancer diagnosis and surgical treatment on September 5, 2014.  Immediately post op it was too hard for me to sit here at my computer without smoking... I had to break away from my old habits and form more productive new ones.  Even so, I'm more of a lazy couch potato than ever before and I ought to get outside more in the yard to garden and more often to walk around the block.

I still can not believe how old I am... almost 70, and we have not had a woman US  President yet!  My most amazing news... Thanks to my daughter, her same sex female spouse and modern reproductive medicine.. I have two fantastic little granddaughters, half sisters,  who are both adorable and marvelous playmates! 

Ta ta for now my dear readers. Spring is on the way! GBYAY Anne