Friday, April 6, 2012

Limit and Count the lifetime number of your CAT scans and dental xrays

My dear Meningimates and our beloved significant others,

YOU may remember my frequently shared anecdotal personal medical history about having multiple full mouth dental xrays by three different dentists as a child before I was 19 for regular pediatric dental care, for three years of braces and two broken front teeth in high school and for removal of all my wisdom teeth. Twenty years later in 1986 I was diagnosed with a large lower wing of the left temporal lobe 5 cm grade 2 meningioma primary brain tumor.

I believe am still alive, adjusted to my "new normal" and doing well because I frequently decided to postpone additional highly recommended brain radiation therapy early in my brain tumor journey several times in 1992, 2000, and 2004 and participated in a 1992 NCI SWOG 9005 clinical trial of a safe effective investigational study of an old generic drug Mifepristone instead . Please take this informative report to your medical doctor and limit your future cumulative radiation exposures from Cat scans by asking your doctor to please use MRI scans whenever possible.

Finally forty years later in 2012 you can believe what I suspected and told anyone who would listen to a brain tumor lady since 1992. LOL

Now please believe this recent report by Dr. Elizabeth Claus and a team of well known respected meningioma researchers.

Today I believe a major risk factor for cancer is multiple Cat scans, please be careful to limit the life time number of CAT scans, especially for your children or if someone has epilepsy or serious head injury or any condition that is monitored by cat scans. Please see if you can switch to MRIs.

GBYAY Anne McGinnis Breen
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Please scroll all the way down to my first two blog entries for my list of 28 questions to ask your medical team about brain tumor treatments originally composed in 1997 plus my personal meningioma alternative drug therapy RU486 Mifepristone and my blog comments about the obsolete 1990s EPA radiation risk calculations for women and children are found at
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