Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Compassionate use of mifepristone


Dear Good People,
I hope you can find an experienced medical specialist (a well read, up to date doctor) willing and able to prescribe this drug for your investigational use for small meningioma brain tumor growth control. It is well tolerated and I know several women including myself who have taken it for many years. Maybe now under President Obama's new federal administration guidelines your doctor could prescribe either drug brand name Mifeprex or Corlux for your own current neurological condition. If you look at the other national clinical trial locations where it is currently being tested for other conditions like fibroids, endometeriosis, pituitary tumors/adenomas and cushings disease symptoms, you would find a qualified clinical trial investigator geographically nearer to you who can prescribe it and you would not have to ask this doctor in the New Mexico clinical trial newly listed above.

In the near future I hope and pray it will finally be covered as a less toxic cancer drug for more people by our health insurance plans, if might already be approved as a cancer drug in California. Perhaps if you copy and printout this recruiting Jan 09 clinical trial information above for mifepristone and take the FMFoundation article medical notes on my blog to your own qualified doctor of neurology or neuro-oncology, he will look into it and seriously consider it for you once he is more informed of its other modern beneficial medical uses especially for women that have been ignored and/or dismissed for many years by many people and established medical institutions because of all its negative publicity as a "baby killer" by anti-abortion advocates.
Drugs themselves are not immoral, they are chemical objects and medical tools in the proper haands, it is their use and/or adult abuse by some doctors and people that we make laws to control. Any cancer drug, even aspirin could kill YOU or your baby, if YOU abused them or gave someone else too much, but we do not make them illegal, prevent the sale or deny a qualified doctors prescription use for those who benefit from standard accepted medical uses of them. Mifepristone is still not available at most pharmacies for any use.

Please ask your doctor to look up the medical research on Mifeprex and Corlux, both are Mifepristone, a safe, effective non-surgical women's emergency contraceptive for the first 50 days of pregnancy and the "morning after" emergency birth control pill that has been around for thirty years, but mostly illegal and unapproved in the USA today because of the media hype of powerful anti-abortionists. I believe it is morally wrong to deny this modern medical drug care to brain tumor patients, mostly women, who would benefit without medical harm from its use.
GBYAY Anne McGinnis Breen