Saturday, May 16, 2015

My old treatment update draft as of Jan 2009

I have been taking Mifepristone again a second time in an independent investigational study approved by the FDA to control my recurrent meningioma since Feb 2005 and according to my documented six month MRIs at the University of Arizona MRI Imaging Center my low grade 2 brain tumor is still stable, no change in Jan 2009.
It took a full year from March 04 to Feb 05 to get all the legal paperwork approved by the FDA, the Institutional Review board at the U of AZ and the brand name product Mifepex distributed by Danco Inc in NYC which has increased the cost of my off label use of the medicine from $5 a day to $15 a day in the past three years.

David Dunlap, who I met online in the JHU m email list many years ago, generously sent me his dear Linda Dunlap's extra month of daily doses of Mifeprex instead of throwing it away, after she passed away in August of 2008. she had been taking it successfully to control her meningioma regrowth without any serious longterm side effects since 1987. She was truly a great lady who helped many other people during her lifetime and is sorely missed by her many dear friends in California and those who read her website.

In 2007 the FDA approved Mifepristone in an orphan drug brand name Corlux for Cushing disease symptoms. (caused by a pituitary adenoma or compression of the pituitary gland which is centrally located in the brain by an adjacent low grade tumor of any kind)

Please look up Cushing disease symptoms to compare to your own current symptoms which was named after Dr. Harvey Cushing, the same great neurosurgeon who discovered and named meningioma brain tumors many years ago.