Monday, June 17, 2013

Proptosis- bulging eyeball symptom of meningioma, etc in Grand Rounds presentation 2010

My Dear Meningimates around the world,

Meningiomas are an international medical issue, not limited to the United States, many of my blog readers are from other countries. I wish I could help get our world leaders more focused on providing better medical health care options for everyone with brain tumors.

I came across this link last month and I was completely fascinated by meningioma case details of this woman and other possible causes and diagnoses on page 61 explained by this ENT (eye/nose/throat) doctor in his grand rounds presentation on proptosis. Learning more from the MRI pictures and the wealth of English/Latin mix of vocabulary medical terms using "google search" might be an interesting computer brain retraining exercise. Its so important to keep learning something brand new to stimulate our brain and sharpen our mental abilities. I had to start by taking a typing course and a computer course in order to go back to work.

A small remainder of my lower left temporal lobe sphenoid wing meningioma regrew after two major craniotomies eventually causing the gradual protrusion of my left eye and pinched optic nerve in the bony optic nerve canal about 10 years ago. Over the past twenty-seven years (1st sx 1986 and 2nd sx 2000) I had a large ovid mass 5 cm of soft fibrous spindle cell tissue completely removed, during second look surgery some bony involvement (hyperostosis) was scraped away from the bony canal around the optic nerve and some thin sheeting of en plaque meningioma was removed from behind my left eye socket. I have taken Mifepristone for a combined total of 11 years to successfully block meningioma regrowth. It is commonly available in China for this purpose as you can read in this report, but sadly not yet in the USA. I was not surprised to read his expert opinion about radiation risks for meningioma tumor progression after further radiation exposure either. One of my dear friends has the pseudotumor diagnosis, and there are many other types of eye proptosis from cranial trauma and developmental facial deformities described in this report. The Tan Tock Seng Hospital centrally located in Singapore where Dr David Law presented this in 2010 is well known for accident and emergency medical care in China.

Please feel free to pass the medical presentation link below on to others online who may want to learn more. 79 pages might be more than you ever want to know, so print a few of the more important or interesting pages ( like the proptosis chart on page 61) or pass the entire link below to your current ENT doctor or NS doctors. Promoting international medical cooperation among doctors in other countries can help all people. Health care options ought to be a global and national security priority in every country.

GBYAY Anne McGinnis Breen