Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My dear meningioma friend Karen Catlin RIP died April 9, 2011

Karen Catlin, one of our formerly most active online participants since the beginning of Alan's "Meningioma Talk" online groups shared her love, her humor, her knowledge of medical things and her gentle touch and gave us her time and talent for many years after her inital brain radiation therapy in Florida . Her words were a great comfort to many of us in times of medical crisis and during our ongoing bt recovery process.

I just got the call from a longterm friend of hers on Saturday April 9,2012 ... I visited her in early February after she missed the January Florida Bt conference. She was suffering from alot of pain. She had gall bladder surgery in February which didn't eliminate her pain. Afterwards they discovered something else on her chest scans and she had major lung surgery in April. They said it was stage 4 lung cancer and she was not able to recover afterwards, she died after two days in hospice on Saturday.

Our dear sweet meningimate Karen Catlin, 53 from Tampa Florida will be sorely missed by many of our regular online m readers and those who met her frequently in Florida and her many dear friends Fred, Jesse and Alan. I am very sad, my words are inadequate. Karen was my precious roommate every weekend for the past ten Florida Bt conferences since my second brain surgery and her one shot radiation therapy in Florida for her meningioma brain tumor. She always cheered me up, lightened my load and helped me recharge my own batteries, she was energizing, generous and caring of others, she understood their suffering and was comforting. She personally helped care for our meningimate Rick Fels, Fred's son for a long time. She will be greatly missed by her own family, her husband Steve, her son Daniel and many more relatives and good friends. She was a great woman and a good friend in deeds.