Friday, May 28, 2010 about meningiomas

This 2009 good initial diagnosis article explains some genetic mutations of meningiomas without mentioning that previous ionizing radiation exposure is a known contributing factor to meningioma growth.(just google the term (radiation induced meningioma for proof) Or the established medical fact that 70-80% of low grade meningiomas and some other low grade brain tumors have high progesterone receptor levels. Or that the use of this safe anti progesterone agent Mifepristone has the potential to block the growth of benign meningiomas with high progesterone receptor levels, especially if given before radiation therapy, if hormone receptor level testing is done on the tumor tissue after surgery or biopsy and included in the pathology report. Sadly, you may still have to ask for this hormone receptor testing for brain tumors, I did in 2000. So far, hormone therapy is only popular in more advanced medical research done in breast cancer. (Makes me wonder if they care more about our boobs than our brains LOL) I sure wish I could pay for Phase 3 clinical trial testing needed to get this safe drug FDA approved for standard initial and/or recurrent meningioma treatment. Then it would no longer be an off label use in the US. I sure wish our Congress and the Executive branch would respect the FDA and NIH government research done at the University of Rochester Hospital in NY State 2006 that has proven mifepristone is safe and effective for all women for longterm low dose use for uterine fibroid tumors, instead continuing to overrule FDA results. Years ago one excellent former Director of the FDA Womens Health Department, Susan Woods resigned in protest over this political power struggle, yet it still continues.
GBYAY Anne McGinnis Breen